SqlBak Review : Why Your Databases Needs This Solution

If you are a database administrator, you might be able to recall the irritation you get while doing the irritating and time consuming task of taking backups one by one from the server side ?

Well, you aren’t alone, there are thousands of networks administrators same like you dealing with exact same problem.

I am sure that once in a while, while taking those backups you might have thought of putting all this mess on auto-pilot i.e. automating the process ? Do you know What is IoT Platform and Why IoT is Important? Read more on this article and learn how to provide data storage, communication, device coordination and control, data access, cloud, and device software deployment for your business.

Won’t it be so much of relieve? If all this could be automated, things would be so much fast and less complicated.

Well, seems like your wait has come to an end. There is one such tool which would put all your irritations to end and that is the batch class in salesforce.

There is one utility that lets you backup your Mysql database, either on scheduled basis or automatically and even track down its performance. If this isn’t enough, you can also restore your SQL backup in case some thing cranky occurs at your database.

In this post, we would be talking about SQLbak up, which is a free tool from pranas which lets you address each and every need of your SQL databases which includes management and server database backup.

The tool lets you track your progress efficiently by ensuring prolonged availability. You can use this tool regardless of being an organization or an individual, as it allows you to manage a single large database or multiple instances of database.

SQLbak Review : Introduction

The tool works in a fairly simple manner, it offers a light weight program which can be installed on your computer. Once installed, you would need to sign up on the official website to get your own Dashboard in a personalized manner.

Once you sign up, you would be offered a secret key so that you can establish a secure connection between your databases and online account. The small utility also lets users link their account with an existing cloud hosting account.

If you don’t have any such account, the tool signs you up for a fresh account. This account would come into use for making your data secure. Thereby you don’t need to worry if your database is corrupted or something similar occurs.


Working of SQLbak

SQLbak works in a simple and secured manner, you first need to download the program ( the program is lightweight and installs quite fast ) and install that file in your system.

Once you install the program, you would be asked to sign up at the official website so that you can get your secret key and then continue doing your work.

If you perform the above two steps well enough, a confirmation box would appear in front of you. Once you accept this confirmation, You need to click on the add new job button which should be somewhere around the top right corner in dashboard itself.

Once you add the job, you are asked to choose the server to continue with and select one authentication medium. The options include :-

SQL Server authentication

Windows authentication

Once you successfully authenticate with your server, Click on button in order to make sure your settings work correctly.

So far so good, if everything by far is okay, you would be asked to proceed once you configure various parameters.

There are tons of parameters whom you need to configure. They include parameters such as your email address, cloud hosting accounts and similar things. The email address is used to get email alerts which would provide status of your database, and your cloud host account to backup your data.

sqlback review image

There are several cloud hosting providers such as Google Drive, One drive and Amazon S3. You can also make selections from a no sql db list and backup your database data and on your local drives such as your external or internal hard drives.

You can also schedule your preferable date and time so that you can make sure your databases are backed up on scheduled basis.

SQLbak Interface & GUI

The software has user friendly graphical user interface which puts a user first approach and comes with a Do it Yourself ( DIY ) wizard, and it is quite explanatory in itself.

This DIY Wizard also offers easy solutions so that users can understand how to do various things.

SQLbak provides you with a dashboard which can be considered as quite self explanatory and pretty awesome at the same time. To make things easy, every option is tagged with their functions respectively. The functions with which you can configure your machine are as follows emails, time and date.

This whole process takes no more than 3 minutes to setup all the things and get started.

Final Review of SQLbak

The tool power backed features and high end performance which are quite tough to find in this domain. The tool provides flexible features to control & store every aspect without having the need of controlling heavy machines.

If there is anything you need to do is to log on to the official website and then use a portable device to restore copies of server data if something cranky occurs.

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