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Some Lifestyle & Leisure Apps for Android and iOS

The success of the apps industry these days is truly phenomenal, with the number of apps on the market rocketing over recent years. Developers have created apps for everything and everyone and these are available to use via a number of Operating Systems including the hugely popular iOS from Apple and the Android Operating System.

No matter what sort of smart device you are using and which of these two leading operating systems you use, you will find plenty of apps to choose from. This includes everything from apps to help you keep fit to apps that enable you to have fun, organise your life, stay connected, and much more. All you have to decide is which apps you want to download onto your device such as the really cool ones listed below.

Great apps to consider downloading

With so many different apps out there serving a variety of purposes, it can be difficult to decide which ones to opt for. However, if you need some inspiration and ideas with regards to which apps you should add to your Apple or Android device, here are a few ideas:

  • Zombies, Run!: Fitness and fun come together with this app, which helps you to get into shape in the most fun way possible. There are many fitness apps out there but some can get a little tedious after a while, which can result in lost motivation. This app, however, will definitely keep you on your toes. All you need to do is walk, run or jog in real life and use the app to hear your mission via your headphones. As part of the plot you may be pursued by zombies while on your mission, which means you have to speed up. The app offers plenty of other features and provides a great way of keeping fit, having fun, and getting involved in a great story.  Also get yourself a smartwatch as they are brilliant for tracking your fitness. The Apple Watch and the Fitbit are generally the two chosen by fitness people but if you are wondering which is better see this useful guide which covers the whole Apple Watch vs Fitbit debate and you can then buy the best smart watch for your needs. Owning a beautifully made timepiece is a life-long commitment, and sometimes even the best made watches need to be repaired after accidental damage or because a service has become overdue. Times Ticking specialises in high-end watch repair.
  • Coral: If you enjoy gaming on your smart device, as many people do, you will find plenty of options available from fun games like Angry Birds through to action games, puzzle games and more. If you fancy trying your hand at casino gaming, the Coral app provides the perfect solution. You can immersive yourself in the live poker site and get face to face with the live dealer with ease and speed using this app. The Coral app enables you to enjoy live casino action no matter where you are, with a host of great games to choose from.
  • Geocoaching: If you were ever into treasure hunts as a child, you will love the Geocoaching app. This enables you to enjoy a real life treasure hunt as an adult using the GPS facilities on your smart device. This app not only enables you to find traditional geocoaches but also offers range of tips and information to help you. This is something that you can enjoy no matter where you are in the world and you can look forward to that feeling of satisfaction if and when you locate that all-important geo-cache.
  • Snapseed: One of the many things that we do using our smartphones these days is to take photographs. Gone are the days when we had to take a mobile phone and separate camera along if we wanted to take photos – many smartphones now have very high quality cameras. The Snapseed app is perfect for those who love taking photos on their smart devices, as you can edit and enhance your snaps in next to no time. Image editing is easier than ever with this app, so if you want the perfect photos this is definitely one to download.

These are just some of the great apps that you can download to your iOS or Android device in order to make life more fun and more exciting.

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