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12+ Software Development Outsourcing Checklist to Ensure Success 

It is when you think about software development for your business you think about quality. When it comes to quality you may be confused whether you should choose in-house team for developing the software or you should simply outsource it.  If you have decided that you would like to go for outsourcing your software development project to one of the best software development companies then here is the check list that will help you go through a pleasant outsourcing journey. The checklist will ensure that you take right decisions and make the outsourcing successful. Well, you need to be careful before you outsource your development project.

Determine your goals as well as objectives

When you choose offshore software development firms to work on your project, remember not every company can accomplish the task. This is the reason why you need to be clear with what exactly you want. After you determine your goals, it becomes little easy to find the right software development company. This will also help you communicate clearly as what your business needs and what are you looking for. If you are not clear with your objectives, it can result in hiring the wrong company.

Plan a budget

Not every company has the same kind of packages which means some will offer fixed packages whereas others would be working on hourly basis so the charges would on hourly basis. It is important to plan a budget as how you determined your goals. Once you plan a budget, look out for the best companies to check what they offer for the same budget. A lot of businesses often choose the inexpensive software solutions just to save money or due to their financial status, which is a big mistake. Of course money matters and price is something you need to consider, but do not make it the only reason in decision making. In case you have a budget constraint you can still look out for software solutions that offer quality within your budget.

software development checklist


Check for Project Management tool  

It may sound bit unusual but the entire software development projects works flawlessly with proper communication. Without right communication the project lands nowhere. So, when you hire a software development company to outsource your project make sure you check with them if they have project management tool. The tool will help you the progress in the development process and communicate as and when required with the developer.

Find out the details about the offshore company for software development project 

All the software development companies do not work the same way. It is better to find out information regarding their area of expertise. You can check their portfolio, testimonials, team profile so that you can find out that the company has the expertise in what you are looking for.

Set practical breakthrough 

Do not set unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved and leads to stress for you. Similarly, if the software development company is giving you deadlines that aren’t practical then that can be a matter of concern. It may land you in trouble so trust the companies that offer practical deadlines for the entire development process.

Constant communication is necessary 

Do not forget the fact that the project belongs to you and you need to be actively engaged and participating as the project progress. You need to monitor how the requirements are met and quality is delivered. Make sure the coding is done well and it runs well. Sometimes, regular communication is not possible due to different time zones; busy schedules etc, but make sure you set a plan to carry out regular communication. 

Documentation is a must for outsourcing software development project 

Do not fall in prey to companies that do not offer proper documentation for project agreement. The development companies should offer clear instructions on the entire development process to avoid misunderstandings and other problems.  Verbal communication is necessary but you tend to forget and proper documentation is really important to keep things documented and retrieve when necessary.

Quality Assurance should be offered 

No matter which software Development Company you choose, make sure they offer quality assurance that is testing. The quality assurance mean, testing the code written by the developer.   There should be constant checks on the quality of the code, which is not followed by a lot of companies to save time. 

Committed Project Manager 

A committed project manager who takes the responsibility of handling the project alone can make a project successful. A committed project manager is certainly an asset for any software development company. He/she can help in managing the entire development process smoothly.

Test with a small project to gain trust 

If you are a bit worried about a software development firm, try to make them work on a test project. You can check them while they work and this will help you understand how a company is treating your project.

A second opinion is always the best option

 Let your developer from your in-house team share his/her opinion on the development process. It is always better as sometimes a different opinion from a different person can help you initiate improvements.

Cheapest is not always reliable 

It is a good idea to save money but don’t fall in prey for cheap development. There are many companies who offer cheap services and can ruin your project.

Check if the company uses the advanced technology and tools

 Make sure you check if the company utilizes advanced technology and tools as outdated technology can land you in trouble.


Outsourcing development projects to offshore companies is no longer a difficult task, provided you consider the important factors while choosing one. The only thing matters is that you need to be alert, technically sound and smart enough to know what you want and what all you need to find out before you hire a software development company. Your active and wise decisions can help you hire the best company and get desired results.

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