Prepare for Next Google PageRank Update

Google PageRank 2012All the bloggers or website owners work hard with their website’s content quality, backlinks and SEO for Google’s PageRank.  The last PageRank updates was a bit strict as even Facebook’s and Apple’s website PR was updated to 9. According to speculations, Google Panda will update the PageRank around 30th January 2012 to 2nd Febuary 2012. Here are some tips which you can follow to prepare your blog/website for PageRank update:

  • Make sure your website is completely up for next week.  
  • Make sure you have the quality content on your website, especially on your homepage. Remove any useless articles, duplicate posts etc.
  • You may try for getting more backlinks for your site but this may not affect your rank since it will take time for Google to crawl those backlinks and add it to your website SEO but who knows, you may hit the target.
  • Don’t make any big design or layout changes in your website for next week.
  • Keep posting new and fresh content for next week continuously , this will surely help you.

These are just small tips which you can follow just before the PageRank update as it is near. Wish you all a good luck with your websites. Lets see the what Google brings to us next.

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