Mobile Phone Imperative for Digital Age?

The rise of the Backflip and smartphones has been ever-growing. A few years ago they became a useful tool, one designed to make our life easier. However, now they’re imperative for our everyday life, and the digital age we’re enjoying. There’s little way around it, we need the mobile devices for business, pleasure, entertainment and connecting the world together. Without this connection to the digital age, we would now be lost. Many try to toy with giving up certain apps, certain devices (IOS and Android), however, they always return. Although most of us want to make these devices a part of our lives, some do not, but have little to no choice. More than we realise, things are changing everyday, and soon it’ll be more than impossible to go a day without your smart phone. Not that it’s a bad thing of course.

This won’t change anytime soon. Companies are spending billions on enhancing their apps, their devices, all to make them even more important for the customers. As this continues, the importance to our daily routine will only rise, too.

With Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in full flow, things will only grow, too. The computer-science team constantly examine the relationship between people and their computers. They then try to use this information for designers and engineers to develop apps that meet the customer and company needs.

In other words, if you thought you could live without your phone for a few days, maybe for now. But there’s a whole team working day and night to ensure that we find ourselves more locked in to the digital age, and our Android and IOS devices. The way things have changed during the last decade it’s highly unlikely that will change.

Although we sometimes insist we can live without them, we can’t. They’ve changed our lives. We can see, or do, or achieve, almost everything via a mobile phone these days. We no longer need to travel to casinos, to get our food or to buy items. Our phone does it all.

We can bank, shop, sign contracts, and turn the lights off, all from our phone. Crazy. The smartphone delivered the platform for others to build upon, and that’s why IOS and Android have seen their devices become the most desired across the world.

With that in mind, applications have become better than ever. Companies don’t want to miss out, right? Take Bleacher Report for example. The sports-news website was big, but the digital age has seen it explode in to being sports’ biggest site. Much the same can be said regarding the casino sites, of course, as they start to overshadow their phyiscal counterparts.

The IOS and Android devices have been somewhat mastered by BR. The company has an app that delivers a constant stream of news to your phone as and when it happens, covering all sports. It’s safe to say they’ve developed their app to move with the times, and the success they’ve enjoyed has been evident. Without the evolution of the smartphone, BR might not be the company it now is.

Even great regional sites like Lucky Nugget Casino AU have taken the movement on board. As the range of games, and easily available advice, is easily accessible it leaves travelling to a casino close to redundant. We can enjoy the very fun, yet once tough to find, activities from the comfort of the sofa. Playing games, and interact with our loved ones while doing whatever we like, and all we need to do is remember to charge our device. How’s that for ease?

Others, like Facebook and Skype have done the same, too. Although both would be popular without smartphones, there’s little evidence to suggest that the smartphone movement hasn’t helped their brands. Now we can travel across the world, all while interacting with our loved ones. Skype is even allowing many to have job interviews on their IOS or Android device, and it’s allowing more and more people to work from home.

It’s obvious the mobile phone has been imperative for the digital age, however, it’s going to become the KEY part of our future too. We aren’t done. With HIC, and companies like Bleacher Report assessing the market, it’s extremely vital to be aware of our surroundings. We aren’t in the digital age, we are the digital age, and it’s only going to get easier, better and brighter.

What would you like to see your smartphone become capable of achieving in the next 5-10 years? We can already play on the digital casino, and order anything we want on the mobile. What on earth will our phones be capable of next? We’re excited to see.

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