How to Save Facebook Links and Places for future

Facebook introduced this feature last year but there are still many people who are not aware of this useful feature. Sometimes, you come across interesting links on your news feed while you’re on Facebook but you may not have time to check it out. Facebook allows you to save your interesting links and places , links of videos, links of music etc so that you can check it out later on whenever you want to. To do this,

  • Click on the drop down arrow which is located at the top right of that post containing the link.
  • Now click on “Save All”, “Save Link” or “Save Video” from the drop down menu. 
  • Your link is now saved.
  • Go to or you can also find the “Saved” option at the left side menu of your facebook home.
  • You can find all your saved links.

You can save videos, music, movies and all other types of links.

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