How to Protect Privacy on Android Smartphone

If you are looking for a good and trusted privacy protection app then your wait is finally over. The latest version of Privacy Guard is the best you can ever find in the app store. It has all the features and ingredients that are required to be included within a privacy protection app. This makes it the best of all smartphone security apps. Keeping in mind that in this tech savvy world people nowadays prefer to carry all their vital data and files in their smartphones, this app has been designed. The best part is that it is completely free to download and works just fine with every smartphone. So, you are not required to spend a single penny to download this app and take the benefits of it. All you need is an internet connection on your phone to download it from app store and it will get automatically installed. Then go ahead and explore its all new features.

Improved security and privacy

The new and latest version of the privacy protection app, Privacy Guard 3.0, has gone through a significant transformation and modifies and addresses the privacy concerns related to its earlier versions. The simple yet attractive design of the software has caught the eyes of many. The improved colour and the simple yet easy to use interface of this version have undergone a dramatic change. It has been quite common among mobile phone users to hide their private messages and chats and that is just what this app allows you to do.

protect privacy on smartphone android


There is a shortcut assistance available which can help you hide all your important videos and pictures and conversations as well. Just a single touch on a key will be sufficient to hide all the necessary files and data on your phone for outsiders and that is just simply awesome. You can be rest assured that there will not be any prying eyes trying to snoop on your personal data.

Get to know the privacy status with a simple scan

privacy scan smartphone

Users of this app consider it to be the best privacy protection app because of its advanced and innovative features. Apart from having a Wi-Fi security scanner, Privacy Guard 3.0 also provides its users with the option of privacy status scan to provide an overall security to all the files contained in the phone. You can easily identify any potential security and privacy risk in your mobile phone and a suitable solution will be provided to optimize. Users are just required to follow the instructions provided to them and after that they need not worry about any information leakage.  It shows you a variety of options and ways by which you can keep your private files, videos, pictures and apps secure. This privacy scanner feature is just concerned with finding out which feature of the app you aren’t using every time you run a full privacy scan. It does not protect your smartphone from the potential risk of virus attack.

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