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How To Make Your Life Easier Using SharePoint

A  SharePoint workflow is an automated flowchart that makes your business process more manageable. It simplifies the processes and reduces the margin of error by eliminating or greatly reducing the guesswork involved in a supposedly manual process.

It is a great way to improve your work or business because it is easy to manage and has tons of benefits.

Life Hacks That Will Make Your Use of SharePoint Even Easier

1.      Record your training session

Consistent training is vital for the mastery of anything. However, valuable time will be lost in training and re-training your team on how to master SharePoint. What do you do now? Do some recording. Recording your SharePoint training session is a great way to save valuable time that could be used for other things.

How to go about it you might ask? There are at least two tools that come in handy for this kind of task. They are Lync and SharePoint online. Whenever you are conducting a SharePoint session, record the session or screencast using Lync.

The next step is to select, drag, and drop the mp4 recording into your choice library within SharePoint. Take things a step further by embedding the recorded file in a site that could be assessed by anyone who needs them. This will save you the rigorous labor of doing it afresh for a new audience.

2.      Optimize your search tools

The fundamental idea behind using SharePoint is to save time. However, if the search tool of your SharePoint is not optimized correctly, you could still lose valuable time.

As an aspiring SharePoint specialists, you could save yourself all the stress by simply revisiting your search tool. The aim is to ensure that the setting that guides the tool’s operation matches your current needs.

While SharePoint could well manage your work or business search habits and history, you should go over the setting yourself. This manual configuration allows you to tweak things to your specific tastes or needs.

3.      Take advantage of available applications

With the aid of SharePoint’s Work Management Service, you could make the most of SharePoint about team collaborations. Work management service (WMS) helps your teamwork better by synchronizing their tasks with My Tasks.


WMS provides a platform for tracking and planning tasks, whether personal or collective. This centralized location makes it much easier for SharePoint specialists to stay on top of their tasks.

Besides WMS, there are other applications that you could use to make your SharePoint work better. Just browse through the categories in your SharePoint store. You will find an app or two to enhance your SharePoint experience.


With the above tips, you shouldn’t your SharePoint like in the 1990s, these hacks would much simplify your everyday usage of SharePoint enabling to achieve much more at far less time.

However, the truth remains that you can’t do like the top-notch specialists ECP Group has got. Why? ECP is formally the oldest and undeniably the most established SharePoint consulting firm in the whole of North America. Named Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist, 2017 & 2018, you can only expect 101% from the ECP Group!

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