How To Make A Full-Time Living by Writing Articles

For many people writing is the easiest task they could possibly do. After all, you don’t need to dig a ditch, file papers or even talk on the phone – you simply write without plagiarism. If you’re a writer, you might be struggling and wondering if it really is possible to earn a full-time living writing articles. The answer is that it really is up to you.

First, start out freelancing and think about how much money you would need to make per month in order to consider yourself full-time. Let’s say you need to make $1,000 per month in order to call yourself a full-time writer. During that month you were going to work five days a week, four days every month which equals out to 20 days. That means you need to make $50 per day in order to hit that $1,000 per month.

The next question is how many hours per day can you stand writing articles? Let’s pretend you could work five hours per day. That means you’re making $10 per hour. If you’re paid $5 to write a completely unique article then you could afford to spend 30 minutes on an article.

earn through content writing

Now, let’s pretend that you became very good at writing articles and you’ve come up with an article in 10 minutes. That means that you could get away with six articles per hour which means that you could technically write an article for $1.67.

When it comes to writing articles and you’re a freelancer, it’s a numbers game. It’s how many articles can you write, how much can you get paid for those articles and depending on how quickly and how long you want to work, you can make a full-time living or any amount of income you would like.

But I know that eventually, you’re going to burn out which means that once you get good at writing articles, you should begin working for yourself. You should write articles promoting your own website. When someone gets your website, you should take your best articles, combine them into reports, use them to build a list and use them to make money. It’s good to write a few articles for other people in the beginning to get the hang of it but eventually, you’re going to want to move up to the next level.

How does this all come together? Here’s what you do. You write a lot of content in your niche on a subject you like, you put your best stuff into reports, your average stuff into blog posts, and your low-quality information into articles. That way, your articles send people to your blog, get them on your email list and then your email list offers the reports you have for sale and based on which report sell the most, now you know what new content to create.

That’s how you’ll make your full-time living writing articles. Start off with freelancing then move to your own articles and reports and finally out of all the content you create, decide what should go in reports, what should go on a blog post, and what should remain as an article.

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