How to Increase Mobile App Engagement for Retail Businesses

Portland, Oregon is known as the city of Roses, and it is the third-most populous city in the Pacific Northwest. According to the recent census estimates, Portland’s population is 653,115, and the majority of the population is tech-savvy. The trend of mobile app development in Portland, Oregon, surpassed the charts as a higher number of users started downloading mobile apps for their daily tasks.

Successful business owners including SOL Global CEO Andrew Defrancesco also soared with the incorporation of the latest technological trends in their operations. Also, the technology market saw tremendous growth in mobile app usage in the last quarter of 2019. As such businesses would buy tulsa web design in order to have user friendly sites that their potential clients could peruse in order to understand the kind of services said business had on offer. In addition, you should not forget to make your website accessible to all visitors by implementing ADA compliance solution for website.

More than 2.6 million users downloaded Android-based applications on their mobile. 2.2 million users moved to iOS-based applications for a better user-interface experience. However, according to Collectiveray businesses using Shopify sell faster online.

Retaining the customers and keeping them engaged in your mobile app requires some strategic planning. And for that, the first person you must meet is a business plan consultant, who will help you note down the business objectives in a perspicuous manner. But you can increase the frequency of app-usage with the following tips.

Offer the Best Sign-up Experience

The largest industries in Portland, OR are Technical Services, Healthcare Services, and Retail Trades. The healthcare segment is the fastest-growing market in Portland, and medical facilities have the option to seek the services of Remote Medical Coding Companies. That’s because a greater number of customers are using mobile apps to make their lives easy. The main aim of mobile apps is to serve at a single click, be it Flipkart, Zomato, Uber, or Google Play Store.

There are new course which can help ensure that you take your business to the roads of success. They can also teach your a few tips on different approaches for the betterment of the business. This allowed me to know that sign-up or onboarding experience for any user is the crucial one. It has to be simple, quick, and less time-consuming. Once a user is through with the signing-up process, they will directly engage in the shopping of products. A user-friendly interface is vital to keep your customers engaged in your app.


Target Users with Tailored Messages

The crowd of Portland, OR, is more vibrant and hunts for new changes at regular rates. The retail businesses also need to consider this trait while developing a mobile app for the people of Portland. Statistics show that the conversion rate in Portland is higher than in other cities of Oregon.

This has been possible because most of the business brands develop mobile apps that serve personalized messages and push notifications to their users. There was a significant growth of 74% from 61% in the retail business in the year 2019 because of mobile apps. PUBG (online game by Tencent) uses similar tactics to keep its users engaged in the game by offering in-app discounts.

Respond to the Users’ Feedback without Delay

Studies have shown that every U.S adult spends an average of 23 minutes online either to play games or shop, and most of adults spend this time playing online poker in sites like The growth rate of retail trades in Portland, OR, has been increasing by 1.8% every quarter. And researchers confirm that this remarkable growth was a result of high-end mobile app development in Portland Oregon.

The top-notch companies into retail businesses flourish because of only one reason; they make a quick response to their customers’ feedback. You must not delay in responding to your customer’s query. If the customer’s question is resolved in real-time, they will continue using your app and will spread the right word about your services. Make sure you’re using the latest technology such as edge computing. Look online for what edge computing is.

After that, they can send in their reviews with a positive note. This can help increase your customers as people tend to read review before they buy a product. Online review monitoring services can help you keep track of positive reviews.

Speed, Free-upgrades, and User-friendliness must synch together

Portland’s financial market is a booming economy. The majority of the contribution comes from the retail sector. With such a fast-paced economy, technology has to offer better support. And therefore, to keep your business running without any disruptions, your company’s mobile app must be speedy and user-friendly.

Statistics show that total app usage increased by 50% between 2017 and 2019 globally, taking the total to around 1350 billion hours. This growth became possible due to an increase in the usage of mobile apps. Interacting with your users with the help of free upgrades and discounts will keep them engaged. And you can also re-engage customers who have abandoned the shopping cart in your app with the help of notifications.

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