How to Add Simple productivity timer on MacOS

As the majority of work tends to kick off altogether, it gets exceptionally hard to remain free of numerous distractions, such as the continuous notifications from the social media platforms, a sensory overload from the opened windows, as well as the abundance of other opened windows. To this end, it may be truly helpful to research all of the available options to stay on track, including checking out the productivity timer that’s called Be Focused. To put in simple terms, the application seems to offer the most convenient solution to the problem described above if looking closely into its functionality and all the other benefits that it accompanies:

  1. An understandable and useful task manager
  2. Attention-seeking timer set-up
  3. Personal goal tracker
  4. Customized according to the needs
  5. Cross-platform optimization
  6. CSV file generator
  7. Designed with the ease of use

First of all, Be Focused posits itself as the app that is out there helping the users to ultimately accomplish all of their goals throughout the day. How so, though? Well, it simply offers an unparalleled way of establishing all of the most important things in the order, most appealing and effective for the user. For instance, it’s possible to simultaneously write down the grocery list and structure the content in terms of importance, so one remembers to get a pair of diapers first rather than spending the entire budget on the Oreo cookies. All the while, it seems that even the simple fact of completing and organizing the things in an orderly way delivers a conscious satisfaction wave to all of the productivity timer users.

Secondly, the cherry on the cake of Be Focused is its built-in timer that is truly responsive to the needs of the users of the app. It ultimately allows to set up the work intervals with which the task is desired to be accomplished, while at the same time giving everyone a chance to focus on it without even slightest disturbances that usually pop-up. One more thing of the focus is that Be Focused has specifically designed its timer to be easily customized to distinguish itself from other generic applications that seem to exploit such an invention in the worst possible way.

Third of all, Be Focused is plain ideal for setting up the goals in the different timelines, such as the weekly, monthly, and daily ones. This, surely, allows the users to get all of the things accomplished in the smart and effective way. Most of all, however, it’s useful for not overwhelming oneself with the abundance of tasks that are needed to be done. On the opposite, the app helps to break everything down, so that the maximum productivity is achieved. Truly, no other similar application on the internet can show such a smart way of looking at the problem of lacking focus.

In the fourth place, the app is out there for you to schedule the daily routine in the way, distinct from the one you have used to. For example, the app analyzes the user activity that keeps happening in the different periods of the day, thus reinforcing the time-range that will be the most productive for completing the things of the focus. To put it more simply, the app will suggest you that it’s better to start off “doing the work-outs” during the daytime instead of exercising at night. This, in turn, is of the need to all those, having no idea of how the productivity is connected to the biological day clocks.

In the fifth place, the application works exceptionally on the majority of the devices as it supports the cross-platform communication of files. One can be sure that all of the tasks that are created on the iPhone will get transported easily to the Mac so that the progress and completion of the goals could be tracked everywhere, ranging from the coffee shops to the cozy home chair. There is one thing to remember, although, that the IOSversion needs to be bought separately as it is not included in the standard package.

Not to forget to mention the fact that the application supports the converting of all the saved data to the single CSV that may get exported to another place. This, ultimately, allows the users to realize that the creators don’t want the files in the app to be fully exclusive. On the other hand, they desired that everyone had all of the goals carefully logged and kept in the safe place.

Finally, more should be said about the ease of use of the productivity timer, even for the most inexperienced users. There are no technical terms that one needs to be aware of, as well as the nerdy design that may get hard to understand. The app is as simple as it may possibly get, which seems appealing to the majority of the users, especially those who are on the free trial period offered by the developers.

After careful consideration of all of the possibilities that the app opens to the users, as well as the benefits that it accompanies, it seems reasonable to try the Be Focused out and see if it meets your expectations. After all, being productive is a thing of the need to simply everyone on this planet, so you better hurry up!

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