Here are the 3 Questions You Need to Ask your AV Rental Company

New York City remains the most significant contributor to the state’s $1.7 trillion-dollar economy. It is the leading center of finance, media, advertising, banking, and publishing. This premier business hub is also home to hundreds of conferences and events that span across numerous industries such as medical science, entertainment, business, technology, and education.

There are about 800 conferences and events that happen in New York City every month. They are housed in impressive venues such as The Plaza and The Times Center. If you are also eyeing this business mecca as a host to your company’s next big event, you need to hire the best AV rentals in NYC.

Audio-visual (AV) equipment is a crucial element in any event. It is a symphony of technologies that include sounds, lighting, videos, displays, and projectors. To make your event stand out from among the hundreds of conferences and conventions in the Big Apple, here are the questions you need to ask the AV rental company that you are eyeing.

Who are Your Past and Present Clients?

New York City is home to the largest companies in the world, such as JP Morgan Chase, Citi, and Verizon. If any of the notable companies have worked with the AV rental company you want to work with, then you are in good hands. It serves as a seal of approval from reputable clients.

A solid track record is an excellent gauge of experience. But you need to take note of the kind of events that the AV Company has handled and see if it matches your event. If you are organizing a business conference, check if the rental company has a long line of business clients as well.

Make sure that the rental company can give you a list of referrals that you can call to check their past performances. Providing a list should not be a problem for them. A legit company would be glad to offer you a list. Otherwise, move on to the next prospect.

How Long Has the Company Been in the Business?

New York City has a competitive events market. Being in an industry for a significant period means that a company has what it takes to survive this urban jungle. Having a solid track record indicates that the AV Company you plan to work with has a list of satisfied clients. They already have a strong understanding of the market and have handled a wide array of events.

Longevity in the AV business also means that the company has already staged different permutations of sounds and visual effects that you can draw inspiration from. They are also adept at solving problems should they arise.

Bear in mind that AV technology has changed throughout the years. The AV rentals in NYC that are in the industry for a decade have adapted to these changes. Their knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry would result in the successful staging of your event.

What is in Your Equipment Arsenal?

An excellent AV company must be able to understand your needs and tailor-fit a system that will serve the purpose of your event. The latest technology may look beautiful in concept, but it may not be the best for your event.

Make sure that the company has the workforce and the right equipment to transport, set-up, and operate the AV system for your event. Their inventory must be comprehensive enough to meet all your needs.

An audio-visual system can make or break any event. And in the city that never sleeps, your AV system must also be bursting with energy and life.

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