21+ Best Free Full Movie Download Websites [2020]

Who doesn’t love watching movies? They are entertaining, informative and most of the times leave us stunned! You can also watch any kind of show whether it’s Thai, Malaysian or Vietnamese since watching tv online is convenient and user-friendly. Also, it’s not always necessary to burn a hole in your pocket to watch movies.

Here are 20+ amazing full movie download websites which allow you to stream and download latest movies for FREE! All websites included in this list allow Full Movie Download and Streaming


Bobmovies is an amazing website that allows you to watch almost all Hollywood as well as allows you to download Bollywood movies for free. The thing I love the most about Bobmovies is its amazing classification which makes searching your favourite movie even easier, it has created many different categories like coming soon, Top IMBD, Cartoons and much more along with sorting movies and serials on the basis of Release Year, Country and various genres. For Downloading Hindi Movies this is an excellent site.


MyDownloadTube.to besides letting you download any movie from their database, also lets you download and play Games! Now, who won’t like that kind of service? It’s an amazing website with over 100+ Genres to choose and download movies from.


123Movies also features an amazing collection of movies, it is updated almost regularly making it one of those amazing websites where you can watch a movie released literally on the last weekend! This is one of the few websites that allow Full Movie Download.


Are you not able to recall a movies name? Don’t worry! Moviecrib had an amazing feature to search movies by Plot. Just enter something you remember about the story of the movie and you will get to download and watch that movie for FREE!


Are you in a hurry and don’t have the time to wait for a movie to download? Don’t worry! You can just simply go to housemovie.to and stream your favourite movies on the go with no need to download a single video or app file! All you have to do is go to housemovie.to, search for your desired film and start streaming it online on the go!

Best Sites to Download Bollywood Movies in HD


Are you a Bollywood freak? With this website, you can download the latest Indian movies as well as serials straight onto your device! But be careful, the website is full of spam ads and you’ll never know which is the genuine download button.


This is yet another amazing website which lets you download movies for FREE! This website is amazingly well classified as you can find movies by directors, actors, countries and various genres.


It is yet another amazing website to download movies from! You won’t find a lot of movies over here, as all the movies on their database are super-hit films. If you are looking for a good movie to watch, this is your go-to destination!

download ddlj full movie

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Fmovies has classified the films into various amazing genres which makes it easy for you to find your desired movie easily. Along with the amazing user interface and a lesser number of advertisements, Fmovies.to is one of the oldest movie download websites out there and has been one of the most consistent movies download website!


Do you love watching regional movies? This is the website you should go for! It has a huge variety of movies ranging from south Indian to Bengali films! The website is one of the earliest providers of Bollywood films being one of the oldest in the game!


Against Piracy or Don’t want to end up in Jail ( JK 😛 ) ? This is the website for you, as the name does not suggest, this website is completely legal and ethical and only houses movies that made free by their producers or owners. As you might expect, you will not find any super hit movies here but no one knows when you might get your hands on a treasure!

Free Movies Download Websites Without Registration


This is another amazing website which besides housing some of the best movies out there also offers you amazing premium and paid software and games for completely FREE! I recommend you to check this website out and treat yourself to a new paid but free software, game or movie!


As the name suggests, this website has an amazing database consisting of TV Shows as well as regional movies which you can get for FREE! With a simple, user-friendly and straightforward interface, this is one of my go-to website for FREE movies.


Previously known as Cyro, this new movie website is filled with the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows which you can easily download for FREE! You will find a huge variety of films ranging from Classic James Bond films to Epic Marvel Movies. This one is one of those new movie download sites which is updated regularly.


One of the most popular movie download site on Internet, 123movies contains all the Bollywood Movies in HD and Full Length Hollywood Movies. While the original site may be blocked by your ISP, you can still access it through various closed such as 123movies.com, the123movies.com and others.


With the simplest website interface, you could ever imagine of MyCoolMoviez takes the crown when it comes to variety. This website has literally listed WWE RAW under a Marathi Family Drama Film! That must able to imagine the variety of media you can download from this website!


This is yet another amazing website to download movies from! This website also has its very own Android App which is not available on the Play Store for obvious reasons but you can download the app from their official website to watch your favourite movies straight from your android phone.


With an interface quite similar to yts.ag ( famous movie torrent website ) this website lets you easily download the film you want with its amazing search features and makes finding movies from its huge database much easier! This is one of the best HD movies download websites.


Being named after a popular video file extension. This website takes it to the next level by providing movies which are Hulu exclusives for FREE! This is one of those websites which I recommend to people when they ask me for free movies.

download titanic full movie

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With having many amazing genres of its own, this website takes the crown while describing films. They too have an amazing and huge database of films where you can get many movies for free.


You might be surprised to find this one on the list! But it is true that Youtube does house some amazing movies you can get for free. While some of them are provided for free by Youtube itself whereas the others are pirated, I suggest you go for the latter as Youtube always provides old and ” not so good ” films for free. Keep an eye on it and watch the latest movie before it gets deleted. You can also download Hindi movies through Internet Download Manager from YouTube through SaveFrom.net


Last but not the least, Yts.ag is most probably the source all the other websites mentioned in the list get the movies from. It is the most prominent, updated and good torrent movie download website used by millions. The only drawback you might face is the need to know how to download torrents. But trust me learning it is worth it!

FAQ and Disclaimer

1. Are these websites Legal?

Of course, not! These websites are illegal and unethical but due to being used by millions of people and the shortage of jail land on Earth, the cops won’t come to arrest you if you are caught downloading a free movie.

2. Can my computer get infected by Virus?

There are always chances of getting infected by the virus while doing such stuff, but if you click the right download button and know what you are doing, you won’t get in trouble. Again these websites are tested by us but we can’t guarantee what might happen!

3. What if some Websites Are Blocked?

There might be a possibility that your ISP might have blocked some of these websites. Well, you don’t have to worry about this as we have a quick solution to this. Check our popular article on accessing blocked websites and you can bypass all the restricted websites.

4. How to Download

While some of the websites have a movie download option. If that option isn’t available on the site, you can use Internet Download Manager to download them. Simple, Install IDM and integrate it to your browser. You will automatically get a pop-up menu to download whenever you’ll visit the movie page.


These were some of our top-picks for downloading movies online but we would like to say that you should avoid using such websites as this is piracy and is extremely unethical. This list of Free Full Movies Download sites is just created for information purpose. Wherever we have mentioned that we personally use or recommend it, it’s just for glorifying the article. You can try Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos if you are willing to watch movies legally instead of these full movie download sites.

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