Facebook Chat for your Desktop

This is not any third party application or client. This application named “Facebook Messenger for Windows” is officially developed by Facebook. You might have got an idea about this application from it’s name. Yes, it’s a Facebook client for your Windows just like Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger. This application lets you to chat with your Facebook friends while doing  work on your PC and without opening Facebook.com on your browser.

Currently, this messenger is still on trial basis but Facebook is confident to make it stable with feedback and suggestions.

At the moment, this application allows you to Chat, Send Messages, View Notifications, Accept Friend Requests and latest updates from your friends (just like you see in the sidebar at Facebook.com).  However, you will need to go to Facebook.com to visit people’s profile or read their activities.

Application design is just similar to the chat box at Facebook.com
Facebook Messenger for Windows

You can download and Install this application from their official website.

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