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Lingvo Live is not just a dictionary. This is a social networking service with the ability to discuss the translations, take notes, put likes and dislikes, see translation of the word combinations in the context and books. You can view the newsfeed and refresh your vocabulary by adding there phrases and idioms with the help of creating special cards. You can request assistance with translation or help others as well. Translator works on all platforms, including via the web. It has 130 dictionaries of 14 popular languages, and all this is for free.


Easy Words is an elegant translator and dictionary for iPhone. The brand new Easy Words is a simple, nice and easy in use translator and dictionary for the iPhone. Filling occurs in a dictionary Translation tab, where you enter a new pair of words. If the translation is to write laziness, the “green round” button will do everything automatically, after searching the value of the Internet.

There are some innovations that appeared recently in this application:

-translation of not only words but also phrases,

-the ability to import lists of words from Easy Words,

-the ability to listen to the pronunciation of the word.



Paragon Company has long been one of the main manufacturers of various dictionaries for the iPhone and iPad for different languages. In their portfolio there are dictionaries based on the best dictionary databases from the world-famous: Merriam-Webster, Collins, and others. They have added the famous Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, widely known to all students of English. First of all, it is certainly an extensive dictionary database. The database contains over 180 thousand words. In addition to the definition there are fifferent grammatical forms of words, usage examples, slang meanings multi-part verbs and much, much more. It is worth noting the excellent multi-media component of the dictionary for the iPhone and iPad. To all the phrases two options of pronunciation are given. Moreover, many of the articles are accompanied by a picture with a clear demonstration of the word. It looks very cool, and helps in the study. Such dictionaries and translators are excellent for those who are translators, freelance writers, students who complete their custom papers etc.



HEDictionary‘s success can be explained by the low price. The price of any version HEDictionary – $ 3.99 (iPad) and $ 2.99 (iPhone). Of course, there is no such volume dictionary database, database of irregular verbs, etc. But even in this case, the price for HEDictionary is more than fair, while the cost of many other dictionaries is exaggerated.

The second feature of the HEDictionary is  a clear focus on oriental languages. There are several language sets available on sale:










Dictionary Lingvo 2.0 for iPhone and iPad «has learned» to recognize text from photos. Fototranslation is a new feature that is available for 27 European languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Greek.


The most common translation of words in the recognized text appears in the form of minicards that allows you to quickly understand the meaning of a text fragment. Also, this dictionary  allows for-word translation of phrases. While viewing a Web page or e-book reader, you can copy up to 5 consecutive words to the clipboard, launch ABBYY Lingvo, and the application will offer to translate each of the copied words.



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