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From researching a school paper to checking out your favorite celebrity’s photos of their dog, we live in a world where looking for information can be found in mere seconds with just a few clicks, taps or swipes. With that said, sports fans are notorious for wanting access to information in a moment’s notice. Whether it’s mobile gambling apps to track their wagers and bets or sports apps that provide real-time scores and stats, sports fans are passionately pursuing up-to-the-minute information from their smartphones and tablets.

sports live scores app

Live score apps have become a vital component for any and every sports fan as they seek updated scores on their favorite games, events and leagues. Whatever one’s real-time sporting needs are, this list of the best live score apps for Android will satisfy even the most hardcore fans:


ESPN is the “worldwide leader in sports,” for a reason and their app definitely plugs users into this sports content and information ecosystem. From live scores to live streaming, this app has it all and it’s a great place for any athletic enthusiast to start their quest in accessing real-time sports information.

The ESPN app has a Home screen where users can monitor the latest news, notes and scores for any league and team throughout the world. From there, users have the opportunity to watch highlights and games that are streaming live. So, not only can someone get live scores on a college football game, but they can also get the latest highlights and live footage.

The ESPN app is free to download and use, however it does offer ESPN+ which is a streaming platform for all of the sports and leagues that are exclusive to ESPN. Betting on my favorite athletes and teams on these new online casinos have spiced up my watching experience.

CBS Sports App

CBS is another major network dedicated to providing Android users with an extensive sports experience. This app kicks off with streaming coverage of whatever live events are airing on the CBS networks. It also has live scores, breaking news, updated highlights and more.

The CBS Sports app allows fans to customize the app to follow their favorite sports teams and get access to all of the latest news, scores and rumors. Additionally, users will have access to the latest stats and data on all of the professional leagues around the world. Fantasy sports players can take their fantasy leagues with them via this app, as can those fanatics who participate in the March Madness pools.

This app is free to download and worthy of consideration, especially for those located in the United States or those that follow America’s major sports leagues.


TheScore app is a wonderful addition to any live score list as it not only knocks it out of the park with up-to-the-second sports scores, but it also offers real-time news, highlights and stats on just about every popular professional league throughout the world. Furthermore, theScore makes it easy for fans to follow their favorite teams, leagues and players with plenty of customizable options.

One area that theScore app stands outs from others on this list is their chat and messaging feature that allows users to connect with other likeminded fans. It’s an exciting experience to talk with others about similar sporting favorites or to have a healthy debate with fans of rival teams. Additionally, theScore does a good job at allowing users to monitor social media stories and events.


With over 30 million users, it’s hard to keep 365Scores off this list and off Android devices. This app is all about personalizing content from live scores to highlights, news, rumors, transactions, and more. Users can also follow the latest social media buzz around their favorite sports, leagues, games and players.

365Scores keeps users informed on the latest TV schedule for their region, provides pre-game insight and analysis, and has lightning fast live match notifications for those who can’t actually watch the game live. This app scores a goal with its impressive coverage of soccer and 9 other professional sports. 365Scores provides around the clock coverage that has satiated diehard fans around the globe.


LiveScore is the one app on this list with the most international flavor. It has a heavy emphasis on sports around the globe and not the usual sports leagues like the NFL that get tons of coverage. Instead, users will get live scores, breaking news, stats and highlights for sports like tennis, rugby, cricket, and basketball.

With that said, the most popular features of this app is their extensive coverage on soccer. Not only will “football” fans get in-depth stats and live scores, but they can follow the live ball tracker, see squad lineups, view head-to-head data and so much more. Never miss a soccer or international sporting event with this app’s alerts and reminder functions.

Final Thoughts on Live Scoring Apps

This list of the best live scoring apps for Android has every base covered. From impressive customization features to lightning fast scores and stats, sports fanatics will always stay connected to their favorite sports, leagues, players and more.

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