6 Things you can do with your iPhone 7

There has been a lot of fuss regarding Apple Company removal of the headphone socket, but people don’t understand that iPhone 7 has much more features than the previous models, and they should enjoy these features instead of promoting criticism about the missing headphone socket“ which is even removed for the good. You might be thinking that iPhone 7 isn’t something new when you compare it with the 6s, but it still contains many features that 6s can’t do even when you consider the technical details

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The iPhone 7 is certainly a substantial upgrade in this regard because of its ability to perform functions which previous models couldn’t. Here is a list of key 7 things that will give you an idea about things which only iPhone 7 can perform. Click here to sell your iPhone online for the best price.

  1. Water Resistant

The best thing you can notice in the latest Apples model is that it is water-resistant; you can dip it in the water. The previous iPhone models were so intricate and delicate that you couldn’t dare expose them to rain, or if accidently your mobile went into the glass of wine, it was the end of it.

The iPhone 7 is water resistant, and it doesn’t mean that it is invincible and you can do experimentation with it in whatever way you want. The iPhone 7 can survive 1 meter of water only for thirty minutes, and if you increase the depth of the water and the time duration, there are chances that the mobile will be affected.

But, it is undeniable that it is a great achievement because in the start, the Apple mobiles were so sensitive, and they couldn’t withstand even a little amount of water. The mobile is not only water resistant, but it is dust resistant as well.

One thing worth mentioning is that you shouldn’t expect that this iPhone 7 will be any better than the previous versions when it comes to the matter of avoiding scratches especially if you are buying jet black version. It is better that you use a case to protect it. If you are looking for iPhone covers, you can explore them and many more things on Groupon.

  1. Do Things Faster with A10 Chip

iphone 7 a10 chip

The latest iPhone 7 contains an A10 chip which is way faster than the A9 chip that was used in the previous models. In terms of speed, A10 chip is 40% faster than the A9 chip. In its promotion campaigns, Apple showed off a live gameplay, and which surely attracted lots of game players to buy this phone. The iPhone 7 is made so powerful that all the other features can be considered the result of such high speed, such as haptic feedbacks, weather effects, and real-time reflections. You can also find a good iPhone back glass repair shop in case you need to save some money instead of buying a need device.

This is not the end of it; Apple is certainly going to add more and more.

  1. A Better Screen

iphone 7 display

Colors and display matter a lot in our selection of mobiles, and it must be the paramount thing for most users. Apple also upgraded the screen in its latest model iPhone 7. The upgrade might seem subtle, but, it is very important. The size of the display is same as it was previously – 4.7 inches with a resolution of 1334 x 750 but the newly added thing is that the brightness is boosted by 25%. Another thing that this latest model uses is wide color gamut which uses colors which are more real and near to life.

This display certainly offers a better experience than the previous models. Many people think of this latest IPhone display update still lacking because according to them it still cannot compete with the Samsung mobiles display. These people might be biased towards Samsung, but iPhone lovers will certainly like and enjoy this latest display update.

  1. More Powerful Battery

The battery is an important part of smartphones and the choice of mobiles also partially depends on the fact that how powerful the battery of the mobile is. The consideration of battery is totally subjective because many people use mobiles for different purposes; for instance, if you are buying a smartphone for gaming, it is certain that you will also want a mobile that has higher battery timing than that which gives only a few hours of playback.

Similarly, a person who is on the go all the times, battery also matters for him a lot because he might not find enough time or place to charge his phone. The latest iPhone model offers you a better battery as compared to the previous models.

If you compare iPhone 7 with iPhone 6, it offers extra two hours of battery while iPhone 7 plus offers one hour more. The point is that iPhone 6 was already very good at battery capacity and gave you a lot of hours, but iPhone 7 is still better than that. This extra amount of battery will ensure that you will have enough power for the entire day usage.

  1. Camera

iphone 7 camera

For many users, the best thing in the latest iPhone 7 is its upgraded camera, and this upgrade is too good. The camera is 12 megapixels as like previous models but it is upgraded in other regards: it has a wider aperture, a better image processor, and a better lens that will let in 50% extra light. The result will be the outstanding quality of images with less blur.

If you are taking a picture in the daylight, you might not appreciate the difference between iPhone 7 and the previous models because there would be very little difference in the result of both cameras, but try taking the picture in the night and you will see the difference. At night time, iPhone 7 can capture much better pictures than the previous models.

Owners of iPhone 7 plus can enjoy even more because it contains two camera lenses. The addition of the second lens has made the camera much more efficient. The second lens is a telephoto lens which has the capacity to offer higher focal length; it can also magnify the image.

There is also an upgrade for the lover of the selfie. The front camera in iPhone 7 is also upgraded; it is now 7 megapixels.

  1. Home Button Different than the Previous Models

The new home button is totally different than the home buttons in previous models. It is a solid state pressure-sensitive button which works by the Taptic engine. The button gives you a haptic feedback. When you use this button, it will feel like as if you are using 3D touch. If you have used previous iPhone models in the past, then it would take some time for you to adjust because it is very different from the conventional way of doing things. But, you can say, it is also a neat way. The button won’t work if you are wearing gloves.

In the past, the iPhone home button was considered the weakest point because many cases of its repairing were reported. Now, the latest button is much more functional and better.

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