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9 Secret Windows 10 settings to Assist you to Compute Better

In this day and age, everybody sports a laptop to get their work done quickly and efficiently.When we talk about laptops and computing, two names always come into our mind. Yes, it’s Apple and Microsoft. Then again, for power users, Microsoft Windows is the primary choice. Also, the hardware to support Microsoft comes cheaper than that of Apple. With Windows 10, the competition heated up very quickly.

If you are an avid windows user, there are tricks that will help you make the most of your time you spend on your PC working. Yes, these unknown Windows 10 setting will boost your productivity multifold.

1.    Power Options to Work For Longer

If you are using the laptop to handle your day to day computer needs, you want your battery to last as long as it can to avoid disruption in your work. Then you won’t have to carry around a beefy charging cable. Did you know that you can save a lot of battery time with some simple tweaks?Select Settings>System>power & sleep to play with your power options to give you the best possible power configuration

2.    Right Click to Save Time

Did you know that you can go to the most used files or websites directly by just right-clicking on the respective app’s icon on the taskbar? Try it out! You can right click on Chrome shortcut on the taskbar to get to that site immediately.

3.    More Real Estate

Sometimes you might need all the space on your desktop and even hiding the taskbar can make a lot of change. To hide the taskbar, right click on the taskbar and click Toolbar settings and then click the option to hide the taskbar.

4.    Storage Sense Makes Sense!

Windows has a tendency to hold on to junk files till the user makes the decision to delete them, but with Windows 10, you have an easy way to manage junk files. YouclickSettings>Storage>storage sense and then you will be shown options to change and alter how and where your device store files.

5.    Be Quiet Windows!

Sometimes notifications can mess with your productivity. Remember the time when you have your computer showing notifications on the side and giving out notification sounds while you are busy with a thought process. The chances are that you are going to mess up that thought process and completely lose hold of the things that you were thinking. Goto Start menu> System> Notifications&actions, you will be met with the quiet hour’s option what will enable you to customize the hours of the day that you don’t want any notifications to be delivered to you.

6.    Touch Mode Tablet Mode

When you are sporting a laptop with a touchscreen, you are at an advantage as you can use the windows tablet mode to get things done faster. It depends on the individual, but if you think your productivity increases by using touch interface, windows have covered that part for you!

7.    Virtual Desktops

It ever so happens that sometimes we can get our desktop crammed with tabs and windows.  It comes to a point where you cannot make sense of what you are doing anymore. Do not worry as windows 10 ships with a faction called Task view that lets you create multiple desktops. Therefore you can have your work arrange more easily. Task view is located on the taskbar.

8.    Cortana at Your Service!

It’s always nice to have a digital assistant so that you can give some commands that are needed to be done immediately but you can’t be bothered about it yourself.Hence, Cortana can be programmed to respond to voice so that you can just say “Hey Cortana” to have the digital assistant up and running, awaiting your commands.

9.    The Desktop Button

Now, this feature is present also present in Windows 7, but the chances are that you might have missed it completely. There is a small vertical bar present at the bottom right corner of your taskbar, click it, and all the open windows will be minimized. If you hover the cursor over the icon, then you can peek at the desktop. This is an amazing feature if the desktop is getting a bit too crowded.

So did you know about all these features before reading the article? If you haven’t used them before, give them a try, and you will see yourself a more productive human being in no time!

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