8 Wonderful Predictions of Future of Bitcoin

When you are considering what Bitcoin investments will hold  for you in the future, you can read through some of the predictions made by financial analysts and cryptocurrency experts to gain a better insight. Always consider your goals when building an investment portfolio. If you are choosing stocks for a retirement portfolio you will be using different criteria than you would for an aggressive growth portfolio.

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Predictions about Bitcoin’s future:

  1. The first noteworthy prediction is that Bitcoin bubble may burst and prices will plunge badly. However, that is only going to usher in the beginning for the age of cryptocurrency dominance. While the current euphoria is going to die down soon when prices crash, the best working ideas will emerge after the setback. When the Internet bubble popped many of today’s retail giants had experienced huge stock crashes, but these companies survived and went onto become stronger than ever. It is believed that many cryptocurrency projects will survive and turn into the Amazons of tomorrow, perhaps becoming future governments. There are a lot of common blockchain terms you should know as early as possible before cryptocurrencies’ rise to dominance.
  2. Many governments will eventually embrace cryptocurrencies although most governments are going to initially resist the decentralization wave. These will lose the battle in the end, and powerful government cryptocurrencies will become the order of the day. The average people will also adopt these since they will offer better security and privacy.
  3. It is also predicted that decentralized cryptocurrencies will emerge as a parallel economy. Centralized cryptocurrencies will make their presence felt but these will not dislodge the decentralized ones. While some nations will openly challenge these, many other governments like African and Asian countries are likely to embrace decentralized crypto coins openly. The market news like bitcoin era truffa or scam does not affect the investors who are into constant trading of bitcoin using automated software applications.
  4. Blockchains are here to stay and the first implementation of decentralization; people are investing in new blockchain projects as 99starz cryptocurrency presale closed. Over the next few decades there will be hundreds of such experiments capable of conducting secure transactions and augmented by AI systems. If you’re not familiar with blockchain technology, you can watch this video from parachains.
  5. Cryptocurrencies will also become much simpler to use; unlike now when the experience is not rewarding for everyone. For instance, human errors can lead you to lose a fortune; on hacking, all your money can be stolen.  It is predicted that they will drag-and-drop smart contracts and even Artificial Intelligence-generated wills. So, the blockchain will become the bank using a decentralized AI which can verify your next of kin or use biometric markers, so that there is no problem in retrieving the crypto coins even if you die.
  6. According to Bobby Lee, BTC CEO in China, Bitcoin’s upcoming “halving” will catalyze a meteoric rise for Bitcoin prices, flipping gold by 2028. Gold is a noble metal which means that it does not rust or get oxidized, read more facts about gold at Raremetalblog.
  7. Venture capitalist Tim Draper explained how the Lightning Network or payment processors like Open Node which enables Bitcoin to be spent freely, ensures that it can be used for micropayments, retail, etc. So, he predicts a mass adoption of the Bitcoin. The Lightning Network is yet to mature and there are several teething problems.
  8. Finally, the analyst Osato Avan-Nomayo predicted that Bitcoin halving from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC will actually skyrocket its value. This halving has taken place twice before in 2012 and 2016, and in both occasions, the prices of this crypto coin underwent spikes shortly after. Aside from investing in crypto, you can also try out other options such as gold. To start without facing legal issues later on, it’s best to create a gold IRA rollover.

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