8 Must Have Android Apps for any College Student

College years are tough, but you can simplify them with a little help from your smartphone. Yes, you read it right! Your smartphone can go a long way in helping you go through college. Be it taking notes from your teachers or to save online research in one place, there are apps that can do it all for.

So, here are 8 apps that are must have for any college student:

  1. Dictionary.com:

This is one app that makes all your projects super easy for you. Whether you are an arts student or doing you MBA, a good language is an added advantage while submitting any project. Dictonary.com is a fully equipped dictionary and thesaurus that’ll search for any word and give you its meaning, synonyms and antonyms at one place. You can download the app for free from here.

  1. CamScanner:

Missed a class and don’t want to go through the tedious job of copying it from your friends? Or maybe you want to retain a chapter from a library book. Of course, photocopying the notes is one option. But why to photocopy them, when you can have them in saved on your smart phone and that too for free. Yes, CamScanner scans any document, be it notes or pages from books and save them for later use. The easy user interface is an added advantage. This app comes really handy and  is hugely popular among students of MBA colleges in Lucknow and other cities. You can download the app here.

  1. RealCalc Plus:

This one is an awesome calculator app. You can get most basic functions of mathematics in the app. The user-interface is a bit busy and may take some time to get used to. But once you know your way around, it’s super easy to handle. You can download the app here.

  1. EasyBib:

If you are preparing an essay or writing a thesis, then bibliography and citation are two most important things. Here EasyBib will be your best buddy. Simply enter the book name and scan the bar code; the app will give you citations that you can use. Download the app here to make your next assignment a top class one.

  1. Wikipedia:

Well, who does not use Wikipedia? The online encyclopaedia is your go-to place to find out most of your online queries. This Wikipedia app will give you instant access to any subject, anywhere, right from your smart phone. The app is totally free and the interface is super smooth.  You can download the app here.

  1. Todoist:

College years are really hectic. Between busy class schedules, study meets, fun gathering and much more, chances are you’ll forget to one chore or another. Todoist is one awesome to-do app that will keep your to-do list handy and give you reminder too. You can download the app here.

  1. Andie Graph

Students of B.Tech colleges in Lucknow and other cities have found this awesome calculation tool to be a life saver. While a basic calculator tool may be enough for most students, when you are taking a technical course, it is certainly not enough for you. Andie Graph gives you a powerful programming that can do all your complex calculations with graphic details. Download the app here.

  1. Evernote:

Evernote is one app I personally cannot get enough of. This app lets you save any article, reading material, online books etc in one place so that you can go through them in your free time. The interface is super easy to handle too. You can download the app here.

So, these are our favourite college apps that you need to give a try. Have we missed an app that you would like to add here? Feel free to add them in the comment section. Also, if you’re feeling creative and innovative, then you may want to consider an enterprise application development platform to create apps fit for students and your community,

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