6 Tech Savvy Ideas For an Outstanding Trade Show Booth

Joining a trade show event is a great way to reach out to former and potential customers, network with industry leaders, and try out new products or services. Although that’s every exhibitor’s goal, yours shouldn’t stop there to ensure a successful event. You should consider inviting professionals like Andrew Defrancesco to attract more guests.

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While being friendly is a nice gesture, your brand should also show confidence and dominance. With the impact of a flashy trade show booth displays, your business will surely draw customer traffic. So what are the things you can use to drive attendees in noticing you? 

You’re in luck for we listed down some smart technology solutions that can make your booth space stand out from the crowd. Check them out below!

Organize a Game Show

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Energize your booth space by conducting gamification. This is exciting because it can provide brand awareness, capture leads, drive attendee traffic, and just be fun all at the same time.

Usually, trade marketers bring games to the show floor that doesn’t have any relevance to their business at all. This should be avoided. Your gamification should be tied to your business to make it more of an experience. Since the game should reinforce your brand, tie the game back to your products and services to engage knowledge while your attendees are having fun, one the good options can be New Casinos games.

One famous trade show booth game is the iPad Jeopardy Wall. It is a gigantic Jeopardy board built from iPads, wherein you can customize the answers anytime. As the game starts, just let guests interact with the wall while you’re busy with timers and scorekeeping. Be sure to provide swag as prizes to the lucky winners. This happy game event will definitely garner an audience around your booth stand in no time. 

Give More Life to Your Booth With Video Walls

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Video walls are definitely compelling, plus they let you display one seamless image or multiple images across various panels. The digital backdrops’ large size and brilliance make them much more remarkable than standard monitors. Use them to feature social media feeds or virtual reality (VR) content to pull in foot traffic to your booth stand. Consider adding music to engage customers even more. Seek help from your trade show specialist for several digital wall ideas that will fit your budget. You should also make sure that you logo’s seen so that your audience will immediately recognize you. Hire experts like GraphicSprings to make one specifically for your event.

Let Guests Experience Virtual Reality

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Take your attendees on a mesmerizing experience by incorporating virtual reality at your trade show. Note that your VR content doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use a panoramic video to present a simple viewing of a project you recently completed, a tour of your building, or another show you planned. 

Did you know that creating VR content nowadays is becoming more accessible in trade exhibitions? Still, it’s one of the most unique trade show ideas to entice guests and big investors like Robert K Bratt, which will earn you a long-lasting impression. 

Boost Your Internet Connection

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If you’ve registered for an internet connection at your previous event, then you’ll know how expensive it can be. However, wifi connection on a busy floor show can be unreliable since wireless networks are competing for space. So it would be best to bring a backup device for internet service, especially if your scheduled activities rely upon it. This includes promoting service apps, using the company’s website, or performing a live feed.

Have a Giant Smartphone

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Trade show floors are definitely buzzing with people, so there’s likely no chance that a person would just stand somewhere and watch a screen. However, creating an interactive experience can pique someone’s interest, which will draw them into your exhibit.

Giant smartphones are great examples to introduce interactive experiences. They’re awesome to use in registrations, app demonstrations, custom video content, or allow attendees to check the business’ website on a big scale. Other types like interactive monitors, touchable video walls, or touch tables are also fantastic ideas to persuade people into your booth.

Consider Adding a Phone Charging Station

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Perhaps, you’ve witnessed this before from your previous event: an individual wandering around with a cell phone and charging cord in hand, desperately searching for an outlet. What can you do? Be the hero to swoop in and save that person’s day!

Trade show attendees depend on their mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices to check emails, post to social media, or chat with peers. Offering a free mobile charging station at your booth is one of the best ways to attract attendees. You can even incorporate your brand’s logo when you rent a charging station. Genius, right?

Aside from this savvy ideas you can also add floor graphics from a Floor graphics manufacturer for a large, bright, and even interactive graphic on the floor, right where customers or clients will walk, is hard to ignore.


To sum it up, strategically planning with the help of cool techs can bring success to your trade show event. Follow all the tips indicated above to draw foot traffic and gain more leads into your exhibit.

Don’t skimp on stable internet connections, booth displays, and giveaway prizes.

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