4 Common ATM Problems and What to do About Them

Automatic Teller Machine, or what is more commonly known as an ATM, provides a quick way to get money from your bank account anytime and anywhere – even beyond a bank’s working hours. However, because of its accessibility, it is also prone to breakage and requires occasional maintenance. 

Taking care of an ATM is not as difficult as it sounds. There are many Atm parts for sale available online, which can provide the necessary equipment even for emergency repairs. However, for the customer’s part, it is better to be informed of what problems you may encounter. Here are the most common ATM issues and what you can do about them:

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Defective Dispensing

One of the most frustrating problems of an ATM happens when the dispensers fail to release the card or the cash. To fix these problems, do the following: 


1. Unreleased Cash

Although the money was unreleased, most of the time, the amount will still be deducted from your account. For this problem, the first thing you should do is keep the receipt safe. Next, you should either call or visit the bank as soon as possible.       

Many refurbished dispensers can be found online to replace the cash cassette. If no problem gets detected in the equipment, try to replace the operating system by repairing the dispenser mainboard. 


2. Stuck Card

A stuck card is perhaps the most infuriating experience for a customer, especially when he is in a hurry. If you had transacted from a machine that is near the bank, then you can quickly call the bank’s attention to it.  

On the other hand, if you were withdrawing during non-bank hours or in a machine located away from its bank, the best option is to call their customer service, which is usually available 24/7. You can also leave the card in the ATM and inform the bank as soon as possible. Likewise, log in to your bank’s mobile application, which may have the option to freeze the card.

To fix a defective card reader, check the attached EMV reader. If the chip is burned or tampered, you do not have to worry because there are many ATM parts for sale available online that can replace the EMV reader.


3. Broken Parts 

For broken parts such as a missing keypad button, broken function keys, or a broken screen, it is best to avoid using the machine. If you frequently use that ATM, you should probably call the bank immediately and inform them of the defects. 

For broken displays, you can even upgrade from a traditional screen to a touch-screen one by purchasing the equipment and its corresponding display board chip. You can buy missing keypad buttons and function keys as a whole, so you may have to replace every button.


4. Receipt Malfunction

The lack of paper receipts is also a common problem. Because transaction receipts are essential, if you see that the receipt dispenser is in red rather than green, it is best to avoid using the machine. 

For emergency repairs, you must check the problem. Sometimes, a receipt dispenser only needs a refill of paper. On the other hand, if the defect is with the machine, a refurbished receipt printer, either in plastic or metal, can be purchased online. 

ATMs promote a convenient way to get your cash in your hand. However, they still inevitably experience certain defects and damages. Bear in mind to check the parts of an ATM right before using it, and inform the bank as soon as you see possible damaged areas.

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