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Google Schemer InvitesThis was requested by someone through email and hence we decided to Giveaway Google Schemer Invites. Google Schemer is a new service integrated with Google+ and launched by Google in competition with an old popular service Foursquare. Google Schemer connects you socially with the world and allows you to create your own schemes, follow other people’s schemes etc. This service is currently in testing and hence available only to few people.

We are currently Giving 7 invites to TechTeria readers. All you have to do is comment with your Name and email address below. First 7 people to comment will get it first.

If  you’re late then don’t worry. Tweet this post on twitter and make sure you include the hashtag #TechTeria. We will choose 3 tweeters at random and will send the invites.

You can also like TechTeria on Facebook i.e . We will be giving away 5 more invites on our official Facebook page.

In the meanwhile you can also check this official video of Google Schemer.

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    • Sure, you would like to Google first to know what it is actually. Invitation Sent. Thank you for visiting TechTeria.

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