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Published on May 5th, 2013 | by TechTeria


HTC One – Fast, Sleek, and Built to Last

The HTC One just might be the best smartphone on the market today. This Android phone has a large 4.7-inch display screen. The graphics capabilities of this phone are amazing and with this larger screen they are far more enjoyable for most users. The Gorilla Glass screen seems to be pretty near perfect to most users. The crisp display is easy to read and makes the phone easier to use than some others that seem to have less crispness and are harder on the eyes.


As soon as you hold the HTC you feel like you have picked up a quality, well-built product.  Except for the screen and a small band of plastic that wraps around the phone, the whole outer shell is made of a lightweight aluminum.  While some claim it is no better than a good quality plastic, just holding it will give you a sense that their claim is simply not true. This phone simply feels excellent in hand.

As for audio, there are two front facing speakers and a built in amplifier that makes the sound loud enough to enjoy even without headphones.  In case you are in a spot where headphones are required the ones that come with this phone are actually quite good.  These headphones provide enjoyable sound that will satisfy even discerning audiophiles. The headphones are even nice to look at as they are black and red and appear more expensive than most mobile phone headphone sets.

Another innovation with the HTC One is the built in camera.  Yes, it is only a 4 megapixel camera but it is different from others.  This camera has larger individual pixels which mean it performs better in lower light situations.  This is something that most other mobile phones simply cannot do.  For those who use their mobile phones as their primary camera this is great news. There are both front and back facing cameras and there is added software for photo editing and more.

The HTC One is available in either a 32GB or 64GB version that allows for plenty of storage.  This should be enough for almost any mobile phone user and more than enough storage for most.  There are no slots for adding removable storage with this model which a few users may find to be a drawback.

Let’s not forget that this is a mobile phone.  Calls are clear, there is built in noise reduction and the volume control works well.  There are but a few times when you will need to turn the earpiece volume all the way up due to good clarity.  It seems the connection quality of this phone is superb due in part to its aluminum body. Most users will tell you that id a call drops with this phone it is a network issue and has nothing to do with the phones capabilities.

The HTC One is a remarkable and advance mobile phone that is sure to be a hit with everyone who tries it out.  Do you own an HTC One or are you about to try this phone for the first time?  Please leave your comments below.

About The Author: This article was compiled by Zaheer Abbas who writes reviews on Samsung Galaxy S4 cases for the company Ace Case. They supply mobile phone cases and accessories.

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  1. I love HTC one, because this has alot of featured same like Samsung Note 2… That is why I love this phone. Nearly I am going to buy as well.
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