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Published on November 14th, 2012 | by TechTeria


10 Cool Windows Phone 8 features on Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920


The Microsoft Windows Phone 8 launched with the Windows 8 operating system, and it is already rocking some weeks in the market. Some phone makers have been releasing their mobile device powered by the Windows OS. Some of the partners of Microsoft for the Windows Phone 8 includes; HTC, Nokia, Samsung and others. Prior the release of the Windows Phone 8, we are unable to provide the features expected on the latest Microsoft latest platform, but now, we are able to talk about some of the features packaged on the Windows Phone 8 Operating System.



  • Customizable live tiles

The new Windows Phone 8 offers a more easily customized start screen tiles than before, you are able to construct the size you want for the tiles. This enables you to set your start up screen the way it really looks great to you. You can make smaller or bigger square tiles for your best friends, or you can choose it to be a group of people. There is room for you to make the tiles rectangular or you span the entire width on the screen.


  • Nokia Maps

The Nokia Maps is present on all Window Phone 8 smartphone, but if the product is of Nokia, the Map will be the default Map app. For non Nokia phones that run on Windows Phone 8, the default Map app will be the Windows Phone Maps, but the Windows Map makes use of the Nokia Maps for geocoding, calculated routes, and traffic information. The Microsoft developers developed the UI and POI database.


  • Wallet and NFC

Your Windows 8 Smartphone can be used as a mobile wallet, where you can store your credit, debit, membership and loyalty card information all in one place. This allows you to make purchase and transactions even when your real wallet is at home.


With the NFC, you are able to connect accessories to your device,  such as the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Handset by Monster. You are also able to share contact with other enabled phone with the NFC.


  • Kid’s Corner

This features enables you to customize what kids is able to operate on your phone, the Windows 8 platform lets you place security on your smartphone so that kids will not tamper with your social network status, wrongly send an Email to your boss etc.


  • Integrated VoIP apps

 The third party VoIP developers is now given an acess to integrate their apps with the Windows 8 contact list and dialer. This implies that you are able to make VoIP calls just like you are able to make phone calls. When you install Skype, it runs from the inner OS and you are always online, even when you close the app.


  • Lenses apps

Microsoft as so much incorporated it that all apps that are related to camera are only found when you open the camera app itself. All lens app will only be activated when you tap on the camera app. Example of this lens app on Nokia is the Cinemagraph and Smart shoot.


  • Data synching and storage

The cloud storage is becoming more popular and seems to have a brighter future in the world of computing, you are provided with SkyDrive app for you to backup all your digital assets, such as Office documents, Emails, Photos, videos, music, contact lists etc. You need to create a SkyDrive account though.


  • Shared Windows core

Microsoft had developed the Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 8 with the same core, this implies that you have an experience that cut across the PC and mobile phone. This feature is most useful for developers, if you have created a PC app, the app is easily deployed to mobile and other devices. For app users, it gives you access to more apps.


  • IE10

Windows Phone 8 offers an internet browser that gives you an experience as that of the IE10 on the Window 8 PC.

The Java browser on the Windows Phone 8 is 7 times faster than that offered on the Windows 7.5 and also supports the HTML5.

The NFC displays more usefulness in this area as you are able to share web pages with other phones that is NFC enabled.

Microsoft also enable the Smartscreen filter that gives a red alarm on the Windows Phone 8 just like that on the Windows 8, when you open a potentially malicious site, a red screen is popped up to warn you of danger.


  • Screenshots

This tool is for screen capture, it is useful for writers, journalist and bloggers. When you are making tutorial about an app, you need to capture the screen.

These are the 10 great ways you are able to utilize the packed tools on your Windows Phone 8.


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  2. Nick says:

    Gotta love dem gizmos! The camera quality is really good on the 920. Thanks for the list!

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