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Published on December 27th, 2012 | by TechTeria


Tweaks to Turn Off the Applications in Windows 8

The powerful role of Windows Applications in making Windows 8 popular just cannot be negated. It’s like a magical spell that never leaves, the story continues like a moving train. What makes Windows 8 special is the presence of Hot Corners that brings Apps Switcher, Charms Bar and Start Tile into the spot light. These three Applications can be used to work in a well coordinated manner. What you just need to do is to move the pointer over these Applications to access them. On the top-left corner, you can move the cursor to make appear the App Switcher; similarly the Charms Bar that appears on the right edge and the Start Tile appears when the pointer touches the top or bottom-right corners. With the Applications getting collected in your gag bag, you can put multi tasking of these Applications to a proper use.

Enabling/Disabling the Features of Hot Corners

You can disable both the top-left and the right corners of this Hot Corners feature to reduce distraction. A registry hack can serve your purpose if you do not want to totally disable the corners using a tool. Registry Editors are those amazing application made accessible through ‘regedit’ feature. Once the Registry Editor is open you can navigate using the registry key such as:


Upon reaching the ImmersiveShell you can select ‘New’ option followed by clicking on ‘Key’ from the context menu. Once the key has been created you ought to name ‘Edge UI (without making use of the quotes) and press enter. It is natural to create the DWORD value within the EdgeUI key. For this you ought to right-click on the Edge UI key and then click the New Value called >DWORD (32-bit). Possibly when the key gets created you add the ‘DisableILcorner’, without using the quotes. Another DWORD value ought to be created, renaming it as ‘DisableCharmsHint’ again without making use of the quotes. The process needs accuracy and patience as you ought to enter 1 in the Value data field before you click OK. Performing this task you can disable the App Switcher at the top-left corner. It is also surely made accessible from the bottom-left corner after moving the curser in the upward direction.

Disabling the Charms Bar, Simplified

What one ought to do is double click on the DisableCharmsHint and entering 1 in the Value data before you okay it. This prevents the Charms bar from appearing as the curser touches the top and bottom-right corners. Charms-bar can still be accessed via moving the curser downwards or upwards from these corners. The process remains the same; just modify the DWORD values, before closing the Registry Editor and restarting your PC in order to let the changes take effect. This way the Charms at the right won’t distract when you want to perform certain other tasks, like if you want to close the desktop window.

End users can make use of these Tweaks to let powerful changes to take effect. Windows 8 enables you to go on the safest journey possible. You would be surprised to note that getting what you want to be done is tailor made and you just ought to follow few simple steps to get it done as per your choice.

About The Author: You might want to check out some best browser for Windows 8 on geniusgeeks blog. Also there are some good YouTube players for windows 8 available in the market. Have you enjoyed using Windows 8 OS on your PC? Are you feeling comfortable using new features in your Windows 8 like start screen, app store, hot corners, missing start orb, notification and plethora of other changes? Speak your mind. We would like to know your thoughts. 


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  1. Lakhyajyoti says:

    I installed windows 8 on my laptop day before yesterday. Thanks for sharing the trick.
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  2. Hadian says:

    This trick will make my windows 8 more faster or what ?
    Hadian recently posted..Acer Iconia PC Tablet Dengan Windows 8My Profile

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