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Top 3 SEO Plugins For WordPress In 2012

 2012 witnessed the introduction of some of the highly advanced and technologically efficient plug in devices which have made both corporate and daily life a lot simpler and easier. These plugin devices are useful to the users in a number of ways and as such have added to their convenience and desire for faster completion of tasks. Some such plugin devices that are of great help to human life are as follows:-

  1. WP SEO by Yoast – WP SEO by Yoast is one of the most convenient plug in devices which have largely satisfied the requirement of people for pace and accuracy in completing a job via these electronic equipments. This particular plug in device can be installed in any type of Word Press website. With the help of this definite plug in gadget, any kind of meta description, title tag, meta keyword or other forms of additions can be introduced in a web page. The most eminent feature of this plug in device is the ‘Snippet Preview’ that gives a prominent layout of the web page as it will appear in SERPS. Other important features of WP SEO plug in device are RSS enhancements, XML sitemaps, robots.txt and permalink clean up.
  2. WP Mobile Detector – WP Mobile Detector offers a very easy and convenient opportunity to the mobile users to develop their website mobile in very little time. This particular plug in device will correctly determine the exact device being applied while browsing the website. This advanced plug in instrument also provides a wide variety of mobile themes from which any particular option may be chosen. The main advantage of this device is that it allots the themes each of which is largely compatible and well configured.
  3.  SEO Rank Reporter – SEO Rank Reporter plug in device is yet another technologically superior gadget that offers a number of convenient options to its users. What it has done is that it has completely removed the concern of the users about the search engine ranking of the website by enabling such users to check and verify the search engine ranking in SERPS. As such, the users are relieved from making periodical modifications in their websites to offer more convenience to the regular surfers of such websites. Now, with the launch of SEO Rank Reporter, the users of such a plug in device can easily ascertain the search engine ranking of their sites and blogs which will automatically determine the degree of convenience enjoyed by the common viewers of such websites and blogs. In this regard, the interested group will just have to type in the keywords which the group or an individual is looking for together with the respective URL. Some other notable characteristics of this plug in device are customization of the date range, tracing of website visits and prompt conversion of search results into a C.S.V.


Thus, we find that the aforesaid plug in devices of 2012 have contributed to a large extent in offering a simple, convenient and a speedy functioning medium that has taken website operation a step ahead.

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