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Published on January 25th, 2013 | by TechTeria


Tips to improve your android battery

Wait! Before taking me wrong, let the air be cleared that the tips that in this article regarding improving Android’s battery will not make the battery level overtake the maximum defined by manufacturer. No magic to do that! But yes the tips will make Android’s battery to give maximum backup. Though the Android devices do come with incredible features, but to enjoy them all,  a good battery backup is needed and this is where most of Android devices do fail. But nothing to worry about as this article will help in improving Android’s battery.


Control the Brightness

The first step to improve the Android’s battery is to control the brightness and to set its level to lowest possible, the lowest mark that works fine. Well, most of the Android devices come with big screen and HD display, thus the screen eats a hell lot of battery power, the power that could get used for other productive works on Android device. Therefore it is must to control the brightness of your device. This is the first and foremost to improve Android’s battery.

Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, when not in use

Everyone uses WiFi and Bluetooth feature in one’s Android. This is basic feature nowadays. But it’s also bitter truth that these two result in battery’s low mark after a few hours of use. So what? Stop using them? Nobody can do that. In fact, it is practically impossible to do so. But there is not any meaning of keeping the WiFi and Bluetooth turned on, when not in use. One must turn them off immediately after the use. Oh! Come on, don’t be lazy to do this simple task. If you don’t turn them off after use, then you are in the list of Android users; not in of ‘smart’ Android users. Feel the difference in two.

Use apps ‘Easy Battery Saver’ or ‘JuiceDefender’

Tens of thousands of apps to choose from and these two are the best in ‘Battery Saving’ category. The 4.5 star rating for both of these apps in Google Play, is more than enough to speak about quality of these apps. The concept of these apps is quite similar and these detect the settings in your Android device and automate the tasks like ‘Controlling Screen Brightness’, ‘Turning off WiFI and GPS when not in use etc. Moreover, these apps even detect the unwanted apps that keep running in background. You can delete those unwanted apps, within these well-known battery saving apps.

Delete the unwanted background apps

In downloading apps from Google Play madly, chances are there that one might install the apps that always keep running in background, and thus eat Battery’s performance.  It’s highly necessary to stop or delete such useless apps. Just go to ‘Settings’ section of Android device and you will come to know all such unwanted apps that are continuously killing the Battery, by running in background. Detect them, and delete them right away. Who the hell needs such apps?

About The Author : This guest post is by Arsh Kapoor who runs a latest news website and provides services to malls in lucknow.


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3 Responses to Tips to improve your android battery

  1. Carol says:

    Fascinating … turn stuff off if you want longer battery life. Who knew?

  2. Varun says:

    LOL, YES turn off everything and stay happy. Turn off your phone, switch it on a week later and see your battery is still 90%+…

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