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Published on January 16th, 2013 | by TechTeria


Technology and Energy, the source and Influence

Today’s technology needs energy and energy in its various forms has a huge role to play in today’s age of industries and it is only since recent years that mankind has realized  that some types of energy no matter how effective have a tremendous negative effect on our atmosphere. Fossil fuels, for example, may be one of the most versatile energy source known to man, but on the downside cause great harm to life on Earth. Leading technology companies these days like Facebook or Google need a source of energy that is not only effective but also clean, in the sense that it does not have a negative impact.  This is quite evident today as increasing care is given towards discovering new ways to utilize clean and green energy. A great deal of attention has started flowing towards various renewable energy sources too.

One such endeavor to find energy sources has led to wind farms. Wind farms are basically a location where wind turbines have been setup in order to harvest the wind energy. The electricity hence produced in wind farms is totally renewable and has no effect on the atmosphere as wind is part of the atmosphere.  Wind farms and other such renewable energy sources like solar power, tidal energy etc not only meet our energy needs, but also ensure a cleaner environment and a better future for all of us.

wind farms energy

Many of the large companies have focused their attention on obtaining clean energy sources of their operations and this is becoming a developing trend. This decision to harvest renewable energy source is a wise one as it is cost effective in the long run. Google for example is currently running 30% of all its operations on renewable energy and is constantly looking to increase this percentage.

Although a wind farm may take up a huge amount of land, the land in between the turbines can be utilized for agriculture or any other purpose.  Such wind farms co-existing with agricultural land is rapidly becoming the ideal energy generation model.

Mankind’s step towards renewable sources of energy is at last gaining momentum and in some aspects, one may argue that this was inevitable. Climate change is one of the current concerns throughout the globe which was previously just a concern of a few specialists. Depleting fossil fuel reserves have also taught us about the importance of renewable energy. Study of climate change history has revealed the increasing negative effects fossil fuels have had on the environment and the urgency to shift over to the new paradigm of clean and renewable energy.

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