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Published on November 19th, 2012 | by TechTeria


Quick Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S3 with HTC

Two of the hottest new names in the world of mobile devices are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC’s new offering. They are mostly going with neck and neck competition. Both of these come with a host of desirable features and usability factors going for them. So much so that it becomes quite difficult to prove that one phone is better than the other. Knowing about each of these smart phones, clearly and what they can offer to the buyers, making intelligent purchase decisions become easier than before. Both of these provide unique benefits, which has turned them into favorites among the smartphone users.


The very first point of comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC mobile device is their individual appearance. This is what first attracts the buyers and prompts them to reach for it on the shelves of the mobile shop. Both of these state of the art devices have a sophisticated, elegant look with a curvy structure. Samsung Galaxy S3 has a throughout metallic trim and round the screen bezel which are evenly spaced. Its delicate feel in hand is quite deceptive since it has quite a durable finish which has been designed to instill long lasting qualities. Some of the color finishes buyers can choose from include gray, brown, black, pink, white, blue and red.

HTC smartphone comes with an aesthetically pleasing appearance which attracts attention at the very first go. On the front is a contoured panel present which is inserted inside the body of the phone. This is the portion which houses all the touch displays necessary for making it function and use the various applications which are present inside. The high grade polycarbonate material from which it has been designed surely gives it a sturdy feel as opposed to Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the limitations of the HTC phone is that, it comes only in the color black. As a result the buyers do not have perky color options to go for.

The storage capabilities

The storage options for the Samsung Galaxy S3 are simply unlimited. The buyers can get a lot of options. One can choose between 16 GB, 32 GB and even a 64 GB storage variant. This is really staggering and something nobody expects to have from a mobile phone device. Memory cards of 32 GB or 64 GB can be added on for extra storage if required.

HTC also has 32 and 64 GB options for the buyers but does not come with the MicroSD slots, as one can get in Samsung Galaxy S3.


The LCD screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is somewhat larger compared to that of HTC. For the Samsung phone it is 4.8’’ compared to 4.7’’ in the latter model. The resolution offered by them is also more or less similar with the HTC mobile offering a comparatively higher pixel density between the two. Overall both the smartphones score similar with top notch quality display with the right combination of brightness, contrast and color along with text and picture qualities.


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