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Published on February 9th, 2013 | by TechTeria


The Best Mechanical keyboards For Your Uses

Most people who use desktop computers these days are using cheap rubber dome keyboards (also known as membrane keyboards). Most rubber dome keyboards are very cheap and do not last a very long time. It wasn’t always like this, I remember 15-30 years ago all we had was the more expensive mechanical keyboards that were actually made durable, heavy, clicky, and simply built to last. Where did all these keyboards go to?

In recent years mechanical keyboards are losing their popularity thanks to the fact that rubber dome keyboards can be massed produced cheaply for everyone. Gamers and typists alike are all mostly using these cheap rubber dome keyboards because they feel “okay” and sufficient to them.

Welcome to Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboards

If you are serious about having a much better keyboard, then you are in luck. Keyboards using the Cherry MX mechanical key switches are becoming more and more popular, as they are more efficient than the standard rubber dome keyboards that most people use these days.

Cherry MX is a German brand of mechanical key switches that was largely introduced in 2008. Many brands of keyboards are now using these mechanical key switches.

Here are all the advantages of cherry MX keyboards:

- Suitable for anyone, since you have the option of different key switches suited to your liking (more on this below).
- Much more durable, up to 50 million key presses (vs 10-20 million for rubberdome keyboards)
- The keys feel very nice to press. Much nicer than membrane keyboards in my opinion.
- The cherry MX brand can be customized with different Backlit LED layouts.

The only drawback to these Cherry MX keyboards is they are typically five to ten times more expensive. But to me and most others who use these keyboards, it is well worth the extra price.

There are a number of different types of Cherry MX Key switches available, here is a rundown of the most popular ones used these days and who will benefit from them the most:

Key Switch: For Gamer? For Typist? Clicky? Actuation force:
Brown Not made for gamers, but they do work nicely for them. Yes, but without the clicky noise. No 55 cN
Blue Not made for gamers, but they do work just okay for them. Yes, these are made for typists Yes 60 cN
Red Yes, made for gamers. Not at all. No 45 cN
Black Yes, made for gamers. Not at all. No 60 cN

Please note the chart above is the overall recommended uses for the various Cherry MX key switches, your personal preference may be different.  There is been some controversy on which key switch is better for gamers.  For example this professional gamer here says that Cherry MX Brown is best for gaming.

I would have to agree that the brown key switches are the best overall key switch in my opinion, whether you are a gamer or typists, but really it all comes down to your personal preference.

All in all, I highly recommend getting a hold of a Cherry MX keyboard and trying it for yourself, you will find you will then never want to go back to membrane keyboards again.

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  1. have used mechanical keyboards and still using. yes, they are best in terms of quality functioning and they are durable too. thanks.

  2. have used mechanical keyboards and still using. yes, they are best in terms of quality functioning and they are durable too. thanks for your info.
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