How to Scan your PC for DNSChanger Trojan

You might have heard about this Trojan these days. First of all, you must know what is this. According to F-Secure,

DNSChanger is a trojan that will change the infected system’s Domain Name Server (DNS) settings, in order to divert traffic to unsolicited, and potentially illegal sites.The trojan is usually a small file (about 1.5 kilobytes) that is designed to change the ‘NameServer’ Registry key value to a custom IP address. This IP address is usually encrypted in the body of a trojan. As a result of this change a victim’s computer will contact the newly assigned DNS server to resolve names of different webservers.

On July 9 2012, FBI will be shutting down all the servers which are infected with this trojan. Hence, if your PC is infected with this, you might lose Internet access from 9th July 2012 onwards.

However you don’t have to panic as you can easily check your PC for this trojan by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to McAfee DNS Check, the online tool released by Mcafee for this trojan.
  • Click on the red “Check Now” button and the tool will begin to check your PC for infections.
  • If your PC is safe, it will display “Congratulations, you are OK” while if your PC is infected, it will tell you the ways by which you get rid of this trojan which are particularly the Internet settings.

In future, make sure you use a good antivirus to keep your PC out of trojans and worms.

Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Internet Speed

Slow Internet speed is the most terrible and awful condition for every Internet user. It affects the work of the users and causes wastage of time. There are many reasons behind the slow Internet speed.  Fortunately, you can increase the speed of your net connection with some efforts. Let us discuss about some useful tips that will help you in this regard.

Use antivirus software-

One of the most common reasons behind the slow Internet speed is virus, spywares and adware. These viruses affect the Internet settings and functions that in turn cause slow browsing speed. So, it is advisable that you install good quality anti-virus software to get rid from the virus and their bad effects. Scan your computer on a regular basis with an anti-virus to remove all the viruses and adware. Use adware removal program and spyware removal software frequently to remove all the unnecessary adware and spyware from your computer. It will definitely help you to maintain the speed of your Internet. 

Delete unnecessary files- 

Speed of Internet Explorer is directly affected by the collection of unnecessary files in your computer or laptop. Clean the “temp” folder of your PC on a regular basis. Apart from the temp files, cookies and browsing history also affect the speed of your Internet. So, clear all the cookies and web history at regular intervals so that you can enjoy fast and smooth Internet performance.

Internet security- 

If you are using Wi-Fi connectivity, then you need to make your connection safe. Some unauthorized users can also use your Wi-Fi which directly affects the speed of Internet connection. Disable the background intelligent transfer of your Wi-Fi that helps you to increase the speed of your system. You can also use the security setting of your Internet to make the connection safer. To enhance the speed and performance of the Internet you can also disable non-verified resources.

Use reserve broadband

If you are using a broadband connection then you can extend its limit by 20%. Usually 20% of the broadband is reserved for its own use but you can acquire this reserve broadband to get pleasure of fast and seamless Internet speed.  You can enlarge the limit of broadband with little efforts and network settings of your computer. It is necessary to change the settings carefully otherwise it can cause problems in your computer.

Disable needless add-ons-

Most of explorers take unnecessary time to start. This is because of the presence of unnecessary and useless files and programs. More so, these add-ons can be anything and can interrupt the booting of the explorer. To minimize the start up time of your Internet browser, you can disable the unnecessary files. One must be very careful to disable these add-ons so that the performance and stability of Internet can be maintained for long periods.

Using these tips, you can surely increase the speed of your Internet and enjoy smooth browsing experience. The tips are not just easy and simple to follow but are effective as well.


How to Backup Complete Registry

Registry in Windows is an important part of system functionality. Most of the functions of the Windows depends on the values and settings defined in the registry. Sometimes, your registry may get corrupted and your windows may not work properly. To avoid these problems, you should make backup of your Windows Registry.

Making a backup of complete registry is pretty simple. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  • Go to Start > Run.
  • Type “regedit” (without quoted) and click “Ok”, registry Editor will open. 
  • Highlight “My Computer” from the list of keys by selecting it.
Windows Registry
  • Now click on “File” from the Menu Bar and then click on “Export”.
  • Now enter the name of your backup file and save it as “.reg”.
  • You’ve just made a backup of complete registry.
Using “Import” option similarly will allow you to restore your backup. You can also restore your backup by Double-clicking your .reg backup file using Windows Explorer.

Is the Nokia Lumia 610 Overpriced ?

nokia lumia 610Nokia has finally Launched their next windows smartphone Nokia Lumia 610 in the Indian markets for Rs 12,999 (approx $235 USD).  Lumia 610 was meant to be a Budget Windows Smartphone but do you really feel it should be called a budget smartphone? Take a look at the key specifications of Nokia Lumia 610:

  • Windows Phone 7.5 (Tango)
  • 3.7-inch LCD Display
  • 800MHz Qualcomm S1 processor
  • Nokia Maps and the navigation (with Hindi, Tamil language support)
  • 5MP camera with LED flash
  • 256MB RAM
  • 8GB internal memory
  • FM Radio
  • 1300mAh battery
  • Available in Magenta, White, Cyan and Black colours
nokia lumia 610
Well what seems to be impressive at this range is the 3.7 inch LCD Display and 5MP camera but do you really think these features are worth Rs 13k? If you can extend your budget a bit and pay  around Rs. 1500  more then you must definitely go for Lumia 710 which provides a way better processor of 1.4GHz, 512MB RAM, HSDPA 14.4 Mbps, Better GPU and Gorilla Glass.

If Nokia really wants to up the sales for this phone, the price should be around Rs 11-11.5k and only that will be able to make a difference between Lumia 610 and Lumia 710. We  will be reviewing this product soon hence stay with TechTeria for more updates.



Recharge your Prepaid Mobile Online with HDFC Bank

HDFC BankThese days, people look for easier options to recharge their prepaid mobile connection. There are other ways like Paytm which are popular but if you are a HDFC Bank customer, you can authentically and securely recharge your prepaid mobile through their official website using the facility of Internet Banking. To do this,



  • Simply go to their Prepaid Mobile Recharge page.
  • Now, click on “Click here to recharge now”.
  • You can check the available list of operators through “List of Operators” link.
  • Now, click on “Refill Now”. You will be taken to the form page.
  • Select the Operator, Circle, Fill your Mobile No and enter the amount you want to recharge your mobile.
  • Click on “Refill”, you will be taken to Internet Banking procedure and your mobile will be successfully recharged. 

Please note that this procedure is completely secure but do at your own risk.

How to Delete your Google Plus Account

Google PlusSomeone mailed us and asked how to delete your Google Plus account. If you are too much concerned about your privacy and Google indexes your Google+ account and you may not like your name appearing in Google Search results, you may like to delete your Google+ account, Well, its quite simple and the steps to Delete only your Google Plus account are as follows:


  • Login to your Google Account/Google Plus Account.
  • Go to
  • Click on “Delete profile and remove associated Google+ features”.
  • Select “Delete Google+ Content”.
  • Select the checkbox and click on “Remove Selected services.”

Using similar procedure, you can also close your entire Google Account. You can create your Google Plus account again at anytime.

How to Change Facebook Page Username

Before, once you have setup a Username for your Facebook Page, you cannot change it. Now, Facebook has introduced a new feature which will allow you to change the username of your Facebook Page once again for the last no matter how big the page is. To do this,



  • Go to
  • Select your desired Facebook Page.
  • Enter the new username in the field box.
  • Click on “Check Availability” and it will show you whether the new username is available or not.

This feature is pretty useful when you want to change your organization name, website name and you also want to change the branding username for your Facebook Page. But remember,you will only be allowed to change once.

Top reasons to choose iDevice over an Android

idevice-androidThe mobile platform has become the hot property these days and everyone is eyeing to gain the top spot in this arena. Cleary there are two main contenders who has their own share of followers and users. Currently, iOS is ruling the mobile platform and is the first choice for both developers and consumers who are baffled by a vast array of smartphones which are offered on the Android OS. There are a number of other factors which matter a lot to the consumers. So here are some of the factor on which the iOS scores better than the android and therefore would affect your decision to buy a new smartphone based on iOS rather than the Android. Lots of people are finding solution to sell their mobile phones and shifting to android. One day you also need to sell your cell phone then you can check a website like


Let’s see why we usually choose iDevices like iPhone, iPad or MAC over android.

  •  Security: The security remains the prime factors in which iOS scores well than the Android. Apple has been very strict with its antispyware and antimalware policies which are automatically reflected in the quality of apps which are published in the iTunes App Store. Google also has stringent quality measure but being an open source and open to all, would mean that there are more developers and thus it is difficult to evaluate the quality of each and every developer.
  •  Stability: The stability is another factor due to which the people prefer an iPhone rather than the Android. The UI Responses and Lag simply doesn’t exist on an iPhone as compared to Android. Despite releasing, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android has to come a long way in catching with the Apple. The Multi touch and the rotation lag which is featured in a number of games and applications are rendered best on iOS as compared to Android. So Android really needs to buckle up and make it at par with the iOS as far as the stability and UI responsiveness is concerned.
  •  Variety: Many of you might think that having a wide variety of devices which can run on the Android OS can be beneficial but there are a number of issues which are related to the hardware and other firmware with the phones which are being manufactured by a number of hardware vendors all across the globe. As a result an app which is running on an Android phone made by Samsung would not be running smoothly on the phone manufactured by Motorola or Sony. This not only confuses the end users over which phone they should buy, but it also perplexes the developers who have to modify their source codes to match different hardware. Apple on the other hand has a limited set of hardware which is being offered to the consumers and the developers can also focus on their apps rather than the underlying hardware.
  • Updates: This is another overhead one has to bear with. Apple takes a long time to introduce updates and other features in its OS as compared to Android which has a pretty shorter development cycle which means that the users would be getting the newer versions faster and they still have to update their phones more frequently.
  •  Enterprise Uses: Many large corporations and many top executive usually use BlackBerry or iOS to satisfy all their enterprise needs. The Android is usually not preferred mainly because of the security concerns. Today, we see a number of corporations breaking away from the BlackBerry and shifting their focus on iPhones and other iDevices like iPad.

So, the final choice of selection of smartphone lies with the end user. We have listed some of the top reasons which convey why an iDevice is better than an android. There are a number of other services such as Siri, iCloud which are exclusive to the Apple and there are no effective alternatives to it. So, if you like the services of Siri and iCloud then you can easily understand my points.


About Guest Author:

This post is written and edited by Tushar. He is a technology columnist, interested in Electronics, WordPress, SEO-Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and social media promotions. 

How to Permanently Delete your Messages on Facebook

facebook-messagesMany of you might have wondered whether it is possible to delete a conversation or not. Sometimes, your conversations become too private that you prefer it to be deleted even from your Facebook account. Facebook allows you to delete the conversations. Though it is a very easy task to delete messages yet some people are still not aware of this feature. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to your Message Inbox at Facebook.
  • Open any conversation which you would like to delete.
  • Now, on the right side you will see a drop down menu “Actions”.
  • Click on the menu, you will see an option “Delete Messages”. Click on it.
delete facebook messages
  • Now, you will be offered to either delete all the messages at once or delete only selected messages. Click the desired option for deleting.

Your messages are permanently gone form Facebook. Facebook gives importance to privacy hence allows you to delete, archive messages form your Inbox.